Trip2: Oroville, WA

Nothing beats the feeling of a speedboat bumping through the waves, splashing you, cooling your crisp skin from the hot sun. That is exactly why Oroville, Washington, is my favourite place ever!


On Osoyoos Lake in the Okanagan, Oroville is the quaint town, just 4 miles south of the border, that looks as though it could host the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

Main Street!

Annually, my family is lucky to visit the Stobbe’s Country and Golf Club located on the American side of Osoyoos Lake for a weekend full of bonding, boat rides, and bliss.

My family is straight up hilarious. Everything we do, we do with huge smiles and frequent cackles. Things like jet-skiing through the boat wake until someone falls off. Watching a flurry of daredevils jump off the back of the boat at 30 miles an hour. Knowing that the boat swim breaks are actually just pee breaks. Hoping the people that got thrown off the tubes are doing okay… We only had one crier and one broken nose! Driving questionable speeds down old windy roads. Having paddle board races with captains that are barely able to paddle the weight. Kayaking in the morning, before it gets too hot. Lounging around once it does get too hot. Playing Monopoly or watching terrible Adam Sandler movies downstairs. Shotgunning Nudes or La Croix’s while all the parents, but Dennis, look at us in disappointment.

Unlike last summer, we all went to Blue Lake to jump off some cliffs. Located just outside of the “downtown” core of Oroville, our cousin and tour guide, Sawyer, drove the UTV out to the scenic lake. Last summer, we took a dip, but did not make the 10-15 minute trek to actually jump. I am oh so happy we did this year. The lake features various heights of jumps, from 30ft to 50ft. All of our ages, 13 to 25, were pleased and at ease with the height options.

The weekend eventually wound down and it was time for jobs to be resumed. Before this lovely getaway came to an end, we took a detour to the Burrowing Owl Winery and Church & States Winery. Lunch at the Burrowing Owl Winery was delicious – the quiche being our favourite, due to its buttery and flakey crust.

Thank you to the Stobbe’s for hosting yet another fabulous weekend.



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