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I am so excited to give one lucky winner the ability to try TWO of my favourite products from Bean Body Care and Mr. Brightsmile!


I have been a huge fan of Bean Body Care since 2016. Our skin sheds itself daily, so to me, it’s important to remove the dead skin to keep my skin glowing. Their scrubs are tough enough to improve your skin imperfections, yet because it is all-natural and organic it nourishes your skin to leave yourself feeling softer and smoother than ever. My favourite time to use Mr. Bean is right before I apply any tanning mousse, without it, I’d be left a patchy patchy mess. Having clean and smooth skin it helps boost my confidence, I am genuinely so happy to be able to give the winner that same feeling!


My teeth haven’t always been as white as they are now… I will be honest, I am unable to give full credit to Mr. Brightsmile. It’s been a long process of home creations, Crest strips, whitening toothpastes, HiSmile, and Mr. Brightsmile. However, I will say that Mr. Brightsmile is amongst my favourites. The kit that I love, and that is being given away, is their sold out Activated Charcoal Kit. It is one of the gentlest kits I’ve used and it combines my two favourite aspects of whitening – LED lights and charcoal.

How2: Apply

My most recent Instagram picture provides the steps but I will also give the run down here!

  1. Follow @myasmith_, @mrbeanbody, and @mrbright_smile on Instagram
  2. Like the Picture
  3. Tag 2 friends in the comments

The winner will be announced on Friday August 10th, 2018!

Good luck ❤



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