D8 @: CHAU Veggie Express

Awhile ago, I went to CHAU Veggie Express and I haven’t been able to get their delicious food off my mind. As a post-exam celebration, my sister, grandparents and I chowed at CHAU Veggie Express!Papa and Damoo!

We ordered the Coconut Shake, the Golden Temple Soup, the Rickety Rickshaw Bowl and the Marketside Salad. Pictures of all are attached.

Papa got the Golden Temple Soup ($14) – a light turmeric coconut curry broth with tofu, mushrooms, taro, yam, kale, and herbs with the choice of quinoa, wild rice or rice noodles – we ordered it with their wild rice!

Golden Temple

Pyps had the Rickety Rickshaw Bowl ($12) which is a bowl of vermicelli noodles,  shredded beancurd, mung beans, crispy shallots, lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, thai basil, beansprouts, roasted peanuts. served with lemon vegan fish sauce and crispy spring rolls.

Pypers bowl in front, salad in the back!

The large portion of Marketside Salad ($8) was enjoyed and brought home by Damoo. It is a young papaya salad with lemongrass tofu, shredded green apple, carrots, roasted peanuts, mung beans, crispy shallots with a refreshing orange zest citrus dressing!

Coconut Shake

The dog-loving employee convinced us to order the Coconut Shake ($5) with high praise. Three of us found that it was very refreshing and satisfying. However, Papa was not a fan – describing it as “different”. 

Overall, we loved the patio and the food – a cute place in the Kensington neighbourhood.



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