2do: Jokes Please!

Walking into the bustling, dark, and poorly finished Little Mountain Gallery on a Thursday night, we were uncertain about what to expect. We handed a warm lady our $7 Jokes Please cover-fees and found our way to some seats.

At about 10 past 9, a handsome and hilarious host, Ross Dauk, came onto the small stage – with but enough room for a comedian, an amp speaker, and a festive fake Christmas tree. He delivered some insanely entertaining standup – warming up the crowd for what was to come. Dauk’s style is dynamic and honest; often joking about poor receptions from the crowd and altering the genre of joke specific to the eclectic crowd.

As the comedians performed, my friends and I  found ourselves bursting out in laughter until tears filled our eyes, until our sides were in pain, until we could barely breathe. Leaving LMG after such joy was entertaining – my friends and I were yelling and laughing, reciting our favourite lines, cracking ourselves up as if we had never heard the jokes before.

That talent and our laughter was not specific to that night. Over the past few weeks, we have made it to several of Ross’s Thursday night shows. Each show features 6 or so comedians – varying from new hobbyists to established comedians. I’ve been lucky enough to have laughs created by Brent Butt of Corner Gas, Michelle Buteau from Netflix, and Juno award-winner Ivan Decker.

Today is the middle of the week. Wednesday. Hump day. That means that tomorrow is Thursday. Jokes Please night. Laugh till you cry night. I strongly strongly strongly encourage you to give the quaint Little Mountain Gallery and Ross about two hours of your life.

The doors to LMG open at 8:30, with the show starting at 9 or so. Cover is $7 and beverages are $4! Round up your friends to experience cheap and quality laughs.

I assure you, you will not be disappointed.



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