How2: Lush Lashes

I constantly get asked “Where do you get your eyelashes done???”, and being a broke university student, no way am I able to afford $90+ every 3 or so weeks. However, I am able to get poppin’ lashes on a much more affordable budget!

Given’ the Holy Grail some love

My holy grail is iGlow Long Lashes Serum. iGlow is based in Norway, but thankfully started shipping internationally not too long ago. The serum costs about $95 Canadian, but is incredibly worth it! I apply it nightly, along my lash line as though it were eyeliner. It took me about 2 weeks to start seeing results and they’ve been growing ever since.

Note: I do not receive commission! This is a 100% unbiased post. However, I do have a discount code to provide for you! MYA15 for 15% off.

My Results

Before iGlow
2 months of use

Super Budgeted (Free!) Hacks:

  1. Just comb them out with an eyelash spoolie every morning when you wake up and before bed at night. I personally use the spoolies you find at makeup stores for hygienically sampling mascara, but have seen a lot of cheap ones on Amazon!
  2. A tip that is more risky but worked for me is trimming them; think of it as how cutting the ends of your dead hair keeps it healthy!

I currently have people trying these growth techniques, and they’ve seen some length and thickness improvements. Let me know if any of these tips work for you!


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