Why So Obsessed with Seasonal Flavours?

Yesterday, Starbucks reintroduced its perennially popular Pumpkin Spice Latte – the drink’s earliest official launch date ever. The coffee company offers six different pumpkin spice variations, including some that are arriving globally to various unconventional locations in the form of new bottled iced lattes and ground coffee packages. Since the flavours debut in January 2003, pumpkin spice has been a category killer for Starbucks. However, the company is no longer the sole representative of the flavour. Consumers are now able to get their fix of pumpkin spice in almost any processed food. Pumpkin-flavoured products are expanding to the inventories of major brands including OreosM&Ms and more. MarketWatch reports that the number of pumpkin spice products available online by assorted merchandisers has grown 49% in the past year.

While seasonality and limited quantities pump up the pumpkin fad, there’s a bigger consumer desire driving this trend. Consumer demand for flavours and experiences continues to drive food marketing. The flavour and fragrance category is a huge business, accounting for about $25 billion in  2016’s annual American sales.

Consumer obsessions with seasonal commodities are external opportunities companies are able to use their strengths to capitalize on. Our desire for a limited-edition product is not solely influenced by our desire for the flavour. The experience a consumer is able to associate with a product, influences the demand for it. Seasonal marketing is about experiences, which consumers increasingly crave as an antidote to daily stress. Without necessarily being aware of it, we associate flavour cues with other things in our lives. Thus, standing in line for a pumpkin spice latte may evoke cozy fall days and the approach of the family holiday, Thanksgiving.

Other companies also demonstrate the use of seasonal flavours to drive a spike in sales. For example, McDonald’s offers its St. Patrick’s Day-themed Shamrock Shakes seasonally, leading to an overall increase in sales. Some 60 million Shamrock Shakes have been sold since their introduction in 1970s.

Another contribution to consumer’s obsessions with limited edition products is the simple fact of scarcity. Consumers can’t get their favourite flavour any time of year, which makes them value it all the more ultimately creating a spike in demand for a product. Limited edition flavours are not the only limits that inspire consumers to participate in the market.

The logic of limited edition marketing is to create short-lived excitement about a product in a market where the consumers experience the rushed mentality of “now or next year”.


Trip2: Oroville, WA

Nothing beats the feeling of a speedboat bumping through the waves, splashing you, cooling your crisp skin from the hot sun. That is exactly why Oroville, Washington, is my favourite place ever!


On Osoyoos Lake in the Okanagan, Oroville is the quaint town, just 4 miles south of the border, that looks as though it could host the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

Main Street!

Annually, my family is lucky to visit the Stobbe’s Country and Golf Club located on the American side of Osoyoos Lake for a weekend full of bonding, boat rides, and bliss.

My family is straight up hilarious. Everything we do, we do with huge smiles and frequent cackles. Things like jet-skiing through the boat wake until someone falls off. Watching a flurry of daredevils jump off the back of the boat at 30 miles an hour. Knowing that the boat swim breaks are actually just pee breaks. Hoping the people that got thrown off the tubes are doing okay… We only had one crier and one broken nose! Driving questionable speeds down old windy roads. Having paddle board races with captains that are barely able to paddle the weight. Kayaking in the morning, before it gets too hot. Lounging around once it does get too hot. Playing Monopoly or watching terrible Adam Sandler movies downstairs. Shotgunning Nudes or La Croix’s while all the parents, but Dennis, look at us in disappointment.

Unlike last summer, we all went to Blue Lake to jump off some cliffs. Located just outside of the “downtown” core of Oroville, our cousin and tour guide, Sawyer, drove the UTV out to the scenic lake. Last summer, we took a dip, but did not make the 10-15 minute trek to actually jump. I am oh so happy we did this year. The lake features various heights of jumps, from 30ft to 50ft. All of our ages, 13 to 25, were pleased and at ease with the height options.

The weekend eventually wound down and it was time for jobs to be resumed. Before this lovely getaway came to an end, we took a detour to the Burrowing Owl Winery and Church & States Winery. Lunch at the Burrowing Owl Winery was delicious – the quiche being our favourite, due to its buttery and flakey crust.

Thank you to the Stobbe’s for hosting yet another fabulous weekend.



~ scroll down for application details ~

I am so excited to give one lucky winner the ability to try TWO of my favourite products from Bean Body Care and Mr. Brightsmile!


I have been a huge fan of Bean Body Care since 2016. Our skin sheds itself daily, so to me, it’s important to remove the dead skin to keep my skin glowing. Their scrubs are tough enough to improve your skin imperfections, yet because it is all-natural and organic it nourishes your skin to leave yourself feeling softer and smoother than ever. My favourite time to use Mr. Bean is right before I apply any tanning mousse, without it, I’d be left a patchy patchy mess. Having clean and smooth skin it helps boost my confidence, I am genuinely so happy to be able to give the winner that same feeling!


My teeth haven’t always been as white as they are now… I will be honest, I am unable to give full credit to Mr. Brightsmile. It’s been a long process of home creations, Crest strips, whitening toothpastes, HiSmile, and Mr. Brightsmile. However, I will say that Mr. Brightsmile is amongst my favourites. The kit that I love, and that is being given away, is their sold out Activated Charcoal Kit. It is one of the gentlest kits I’ve used and it combines my two favourite aspects of whitening – LED lights and charcoal.

How2: Apply

My most recent Instagram picture provides the steps but I will also give the run down here!

  1. Follow @myasmith_, @mrbeanbody, and @mrbright_smile on Instagram
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  3. Tag 2 friends in the comments

The winner will be announced on Friday August 10th, 2018!

Good luck ❤


D8 @: CHAU Veggie Express

Awhile ago, I went to CHAU Veggie Express and I haven’t been able to get their delicious food off my mind. As a post-exam celebration, my sister, grandparents and I chowed at CHAU Veggie Express!Papa and Damoo!

We ordered the Coconut Shake, the Golden Temple Soup, the Rickety Rickshaw Bowl and the Marketside Salad. Pictures of all are attached.

Papa got the Golden Temple Soup ($14) – a light turmeric coconut curry broth with tofu, mushrooms, taro, yam, kale, and herbs with the choice of quinoa, wild rice or rice noodles – we ordered it with their wild rice!

Golden Temple

Pyps had the Rickety Rickshaw Bowl ($12) which is a bowl of vermicelli noodles,  shredded beancurd, mung beans, crispy shallots, lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, thai basil, beansprouts, roasted peanuts. served with lemon vegan fish sauce and crispy spring rolls.

Pypers bowl in front, salad in the back!

The large portion of Marketside Salad ($8) was enjoyed and brought home by Damoo. It is a young papaya salad with lemongrass tofu, shredded green apple, carrots, roasted peanuts, mung beans, crispy shallots with a refreshing orange zest citrus dressing!

Coconut Shake

The dog-loving employee convinced us to order the Coconut Shake ($5) with high praise. Three of us found that it was very refreshing and satisfying. However, Papa was not a fan – describing it as “different”. 

Overall, we loved the patio and the food – a cute place in the Kensington neighbourhood.


2do: Jokes Please!

Walking into the bustling, dark, and poorly finished Little Mountain Gallery on a Thursday night, we were uncertain about what to expect. We handed a warm lady our $7 Jokes Please cover-fees and found our way to some seats.

At about 10 past 9, a handsome and hilarious host, Ross Dauk, came onto the small stage – with but enough room for a comedian, an amp speaker, and a festive fake Christmas tree. He delivered some insanely entertaining standup – warming up the crowd for what was to come. Dauk’s style is dynamic and honest; often joking about poor receptions from the crowd and altering the genre of joke specific to the eclectic crowd.

As the comedians performed, my friends and I  found ourselves bursting out in laughter until tears filled our eyes, until our sides were in pain, until we could barely breathe. Leaving LMG after such joy was entertaining – my friends and I were yelling and laughing, reciting our favourite lines, cracking ourselves up as if we had never heard the jokes before.

That talent and our laughter was not specific to that night. Over the past few weeks, we have made it to several of Ross’s Thursday night shows. Each show features 6 or so comedians – varying from new hobbyists to established comedians. I’ve been lucky enough to have laughs created by Brent Butt of Corner Gas, Michelle Buteau from Netflix, and Juno award-winner Ivan Decker.

Today is the middle of the week. Wednesday. Hump day. That means that tomorrow is Thursday. Jokes Please night. Laugh till you cry night. I strongly strongly strongly encourage you to give the quaint Little Mountain Gallery and Ross about two hours of your life.

The doors to LMG open at 8:30, with the show starting at 9 or so. Cover is $7 and beverages are $4! Round up your friends to experience cheap and quality laughs.

I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


How2: Self-Reflect

Not only is this a mid-week post, this is also a mid-year post… The perfect time to pause and check in on where you’re at with your 2018 experiences and goals moving forward.

I have noticed that by taking the time to ask myself the important questions, I have gained a better understanding of my emotions, strengths, weaknesses and the factors that drive me.


Keep A Journal

  • For the past couple of years, I’ve kept a journal. It helps me reflect upon my actions, my emotions and more. I write about what I love, what I want, what I feel and generally what has just been going on with me. It’s my process of bringing inner road-blocks or wishes to the light. Another huge perk to journalling is that I am able to go back and re-read and re-experience what I had previously wrote.

Follow Bright Big Life

  • I am accustomed to mindlessly tapping through stories or scrolling through my newsfeed, so I felt refreshed upon discovering Bright Big Life, a local coaching consultancy. Following their Instagram (@BrightBigLife) has provided me with little bursts of depth that my life lacked before. They post meaningful content fairly often and frequently provide me with questions that I didn’t think to ask myself.

Be Real With Yourself

  • When thinking about deep questions, it is important to do it to the best degree of truth you can. At the beginning, it was tough for me to break out of social conditioning and of beliefs that other people have put onto me. If you really ask yourself, you usually can find a much deeper answer to a question.

Getting into self-reflection may be awkward or tough at the beginning. The Bright Big Life story highlights from the 10 days truth challenge helped me delve within!



D8 @: The Arbor

Hey Guys!

I’ve been busy busy with work (x3) and my summer course… BUT my lovely  grandparents are in town so we went on a cute lil Vancouver date with my sister 🙂

Where – The Arbor

The Arbor has been in my hood for over a year now but seeing the Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich all over Instagram fuelled our trip. Also, my grandpa is celiac and they are incredibly gluten-free friendly! We tried the Arburger, the artichoke sandwich and the steamed buns. I’ve attached pictures below!

The artichoke sandwich ($13) was the perfect amount of spice, crunch, and tang.

The Arburgers ($11) veggie patty was arguably better than its Meet on Main competitor. If you’re a fan of them, I would recommend trying The Arbor.

The Jackfruit steamed buns ($11) are award winning and also highly praised on Yelp. The buns were so soft and are the perfect vessel for the jackfruit and barbecue sauce.

Wear – Dressy Casual BreakdownProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

  • My (sisters) sunglasses are 2017 Versace (Style – VE 2168 137787 Brushed Black Pale Gold / Gray 57 mm NIB)
  • The Watch is a Daniel Wellington Dapper – Use the code MYASMITH for an extra 15% off!
  • My blazer is the classic Chevalier Aritzia Jacket which is currently on sale so act fast 🙂
  • The top is actually a Wilfred bodysuit, which I love because it features a thong cut instead of full bottom i.e. no underwear lines!!!
  • I’m wearing an unseen Forever21 skort that is also no longer available so its unlinkable.
  • My shoes are Stan Smith’s from Aritzia that are also currently on sale!
  • My bag is also being shy but its the YSL Chain Wallet

Dessert – Mcdonalds

After contemplating walking up a whole 10 blocks to Innocent Ice-cream (my latest obsession – post coming soon), we ended up at the glamorous McDonalds with THE Papa and Damoo MacDonald.